PRO BONO PROJECTS: Smart Education for better Global Cooperation

Intercultural competence and the ability for adequate intercultural communication are crucial for effective collaboration that aims to create and shape sustainable growth and prosperity in every organisation and every society - as well as crucial for their design. Or in other words: better cooperation and more creativity inevitably lead to effective innovation and better results in your personal environment. Brief: Intercultural competence improves your environment and increases success!

Smart Education: KOMUNIKI Launches Pro Bono Global Education Initiative with eBook-based trainings for iPad, iPhone, Android, PC & Co

... read more about the TRAININGSKOMUNIKI is committed to promoting intercultural competence in the world to as many people as possible. For this very purpose, a unique world innovation was developed: the first eBook-based seminar series for smart phones, tablets, PC & Co worldwide, entitled KOMUNIPASS – The Intercultural Certificate.
Five smart training modules replace approximately 60 hours of expensive classroom education and prepare learners equally well for assignments and studies abroad as well as for intercultural cooperation.

The UNIVERSITY EDITION is a discounted version of the CORPORATE EDITION and intended for students and teachers.

Are you already a KOMUNIKI Member? If you do not have the means to purchase the KOMUNIPASS Training series, as a member you can download the UNIVERSITY EDITION for free at AMAZON on specific dates.

We will inform you about our PRO BONO dates via newsletter once a month.

KOMUNIKI equally welcomes everyone, from every part of the globe! The KOMUNIKI Membership is completely free of charge, with no obligations. Join our international community now!

Read more about the reasons and the background of the educational initiative in our press release.

... learn more about Module 1... learn more about Module 2... learn more about Module 3... learn more about Module 4... learn more about Module 5

KOMUNIPASS Builds with Class: Education, Courses and Lectures

We offer public educational institutions and universities the free of charge opportunity to expand their range of courses with the subject area Intercultural Competence and Communication. The KOMUNIKI PROJECT provides you for free with lecturers (i.e. our PROJECT TEAM members) and educational resources (from class 12, max. 2 lessons/week, or 12 days/year).

KOMUNIPASS – General Educational Seminars

We offer cost-free KOMUNIPASS seminars to non-profit organisations and public institutions. All you need to cover are the travel and material costs, and we pay the fees (as long as there are sufficient funds available).

By purchasing our products you make a significant non-profit contribution to society. We use the entire amount of revenues to expand our educational program and fund PRO BONO PROJECTS.


Free of charge textbook for teaching in public educational institutions and universities (print edition).

The next Generation of Educational Systems: KOMUNIPASS WBT and ABT
Web-Based Training and App-Based Training (for smart devices) to accompany teaching and the online exam for the Intercultural Certificate. Including synchronised Learning Management.

Intercultural competence online self-assessment tool.

Availability of KOMUNIPASS in Other Languages
Translation of the Intercultural Competence Trainings into further languages.

The Social Web Academy is a multi-lingual social web platform (i.e. the combination of an online learning system and social networking) that facilitates our competence building projects as well as the cooperation between stakeholders.

You can make these PROJECTS come true with your sponsorship or by becoming our PROJECT PARTNER. Do you already have ideas for new projects? Alternatively, you can also propose PRO BONO PROJECTS that we can implement together within the framework of our KOMUNIKI PROJECT.